KSB Mechanical Seals

mechanical seal installation 

VISCO offer you a comprehensive variety of mechanical seals, support systems and bearing protection. Non­-metallic seals should be chosen if the pump wetted components are manufactured from non­-metallic material such as carbon, Teflon, plastic, and so forth. These seals are normally mounted as outside seals and have no metal parts exposed to the fluid you are sealing.

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For hazardous or much more extreme pumpage, a double (dual pressurized) seal might be needed. In this program, there is primarily no leakage permitted outdoors the pump. Double seals are far more sturdy than single seals and may final up to 5 instances longer in this atmosphere. A flushing liquid is needed for double seal installations.

There is no wearing of the shaft or the sleeve on which the mechanical seal is mounted. Clean the seal recess with emery cloth and water and dry completely. Clean the extended end of the shaft and sleeve to get rid of all the rust and dirt. Recirculation of a product side stream ( Plan 11 , Figure three) is frequent. The side stream need to have a stress of about 25 psi (173 kPa) higher than the pressure directly behind the pump impeller.

Micropump Series GC pumps are typically utilized for Seal Flush applications. The Series GC pump is a Suction Shoe style gear pump. Suction Shoe style gear pumps can operate over big temperature ranges and offer consistent flow with pump wear. The Series GC gives the flow manage and smooth, pulseless flow needed for these applications.

The mechanical seal acts as a verify valve and a slider bearing. The apparent function is that of a check valve to avoid liquid below stress from leaking out of the pump, or from drawing air into the pump when under vacuum circumstances. It has evolved into an Market normal mechanical seals design and style for OEM standard applications in centrifugal pumps, rotary and turbine pumps,compressors, chillers and other rotary equipment.

Seal jackets for the oil field environment need to be made of polymer alloys to preserve their integrity under the higher temperatures and pressures. Unfilled PTFE (Teflon) would squirt out of the gland like toothpaste from a tube if exposed to these pressures. Combinations of inert fillers like chopped glass or carbon fibers, minerals and graphite are required along with combinations of polymers, like PFTE (Teflon) and PPS (Ryton.) Other polymers have proven themselves beneficial as effectively.

In pre-current pumps specific upgrades or conversion to yet another (much more modern day) flush program configuration are frequently advantageous. Where energy conservation troubles and operating expense savings are deemed essential the newer seal configurations have to be deemed.