On the construction technology of extruded concrete sidewalls in the construction of housing buildings

  Extruded concrete sidewall construction technology, as an important construction technology, occupies an important position in the building construction system, this technology on the basis of traditional construction technology to carry out certain technology-based improvements, and then the traditional construction process for a certain integration, delete the complex process, but the use of a more practical method to a more rapid form of construction to the progress of the project as well as The degree of refinement.

The concrete implementation of this construction system has certain influencing factors, so we need to have a comprehensive understanding of this construction technology, and then from the level of technical points to avoid the risk factors of the construction link, so that this construction system can be carried out and implemented more reasonably.

  1 Concrete extrusion sidewall brief description

  For the extruded concrete sidewall construction technology, it is by drawing on the basic principle of extruded sliding die in the road gardening project in the roadside machine, through the role of mechanical extrusion pressure to form the wall, and then use the reaction force to move.

The concrete sidewall construction method is to obtain an asymmetrical trapezoidal semi-permeable concrete retaining wall by extruding the sidewall machine before each layer of bedding material is filled, then laying the corresponding dam material on its inner side according to the design, and using a vibrating mill plane for rolling, and then repeating the above process after passing.

  2 Advantages of Extruded Concrete Sidewalls

  The asymmetrical trapezoid shape is the main shape of the extruded section of the sidewall, and is connected by means of articulation, which allows the sidewall to adapt well to the deformation of the bedding area, effectively preventing the appearance of empty walls at the bottom due to unqualified rolling, and effectively controlling the adverse effects on the slab surface.

The technology effectively combines the joints between the bedding layer and the sidewall to make a reasonable design of the construction process, which can effectively ensure the quality of the project after the crushing. Extruded concrete sidewall construction technology is simple, quick and easy to construct, and easier to master. At the same time, the extruded sidewall has a certain restrictive effect on its upstream slope, without overfilling the bedding material, and replaces the original slope rolling with horizontal rolling, which not only improves the construction quality of the bedding material, but also improves the safety of construction.

  3 The main points of extruded concrete sidewall construction technology in the construction of housing buildings

  3.1 Make good preparation before construction

  Before the start of the specific construction process, the construction tools and the overall environmental conditions should be sorted out to carry out the next construction work in an orderly manner after the preparation process is properly implemented. The specific preparatory work includes the following links.

First, the construction of the base surface of the leveling repair work, this work requires us to first before the construction of the construction of the bedding material for a certain leveling, and then ensure that the construction link is on the plane, this practice can enhance the stability of the construction surface, and on this basis, the height of the drop to a more scientific and reasonable control, so that the next construction link can be carried out smoothly.

Base leveling, in the paving of the bedding material must be strict control of its flatness and height difference, and then leveled by the artificial rope pulling, requiring the height difference after rolling must be controlled within 3cm, for some parts do not meet the requirements, it must be processed and meet the standards before the extruded side walls can be placed on the construction.

  3.2 Side wall extrusion molding link perfection process

  The sidewall is closely related to the stability of the building, so the sidewall and the related building system should be extruded before construction to facilitate faster solidification of the sidewall, and in this process, strict attention should be paid to the control of the extrusion force, and the implementation level of this link to arrange special management and control personnel to carry out all-round control of the complete implementation of the extrusion process, so that the speed of the corresponding extrusion force machine This speed is neither too high for the unbalanced force nor too low for the damage to the side walls caused by the strong force.

When the mixing truck is unloaded, the coarse aggregate must be discarded when the material is just discharged, and then put it into the extruder’s receiving bin when the material is more evenly discharged, and to ensure that the extruder and the mixing truck can walk synchronously and unload the material manually. The extruder must ensure that the deviation between the extruder and the control line is within 2cm, which is to ensure the flatness of the slope of the extrusion wall.

  3.3 Leveling of the construction site

  The construction site construction has a direct connection and influence on the actual construction project, so the construction site surface engineering construction system must be carried out and implemented carefully. Generally speaking, the actual flatness of the mat surface will affect to a certain extent the actual size of the appearance of the crimped edge wall after the completion of the molding, the flatter the mat surface, the more the corresponding wall surface will be in line with the relevant provisions of the project, while, on the contrary, the mat surface puddle situation, the implementation of the flatness of the wall process will also be affected to varying degrees.

Therefore, on this basis, we have to provide a certain level operating environment for the specific operation of the extruder, so that the extruder in the actual engineering environment, to obtain a more ideal construction work layer. At the same time, during the construction, the flatness and height difference of the previous layer of extruded sidewalls and bedding material after filling must be checked accordingly, and if it does not reach the standard, it needs to be manually trimmed, leveled and compacted.

  3.4 Concrete control of construction quality

  The actual construction process of the extruded concrete sidewall is bound to have a certain error imbalance phenomenon, and the cause of such phenomenon is usually the construction level of the specific constructive problems, under the influence of these problems, the extruded wall in the design of the appearance and upstream slope construction will appear after the formation of a certain error and the error is often relatively large, and thus exceeded a certain binding standard.

In response to this situation, a certain degree of treatment must be carried out in a timely manner, but the actual stress repair mechanism of the implementation level often appears to be a certain situation, in the specific sudden situation occurs, to try to avoid it. At the same time, for the bedding material plane, it is the base surface of the extrusion wall construction, while the extrusion wall is the side mold of the bedding material construction, thus it can be seen that their influence on the construction quality is interrelated. The flatness of the bedding material construction has a direct impact on the smoothness of the extrusion machine walking, which also has an impact on the outer slope of the side wall.


  In conclusion, the execution system of concrete building construction is complex, so the actual extruded concrete sidewall construction technology in the face of these circumstances is difficult to have a specific implementation. Therefore, we need to simplify the corresponding construction process based on a comprehensive understanding of the specific implementation characteristics of extruded concrete sidewall construction technology, so that the implementation of this technology is more effective and rationalized.
In this way, we can fully carry out the construction of extruded concrete sidewall construction technology on this basis, and this is conducive to the comprehensive promotion of China’s construction industry innovation. It is conducive to making people’s living and working environment more comfortable, and also conducive to the construction of the corresponding building system in all aspects, and thus, on this basis, to promote the constructive development of the relevant economic system in China.